Public Education Should Have Raised Concern Decades Ago

Over the past couple of years, there has been an impressive surge in parental involvement in children’s education. Close attention is being paid to the curriculum, and more parents are actively participating in school board meetings, with some even successfully running for school board seats.

While this heightened engagement is encouraging, experts fear it may be too late to salvage the state of public education in the United States — particularly the taxpayer-funded indoctrination of liberal ideology implemented by the Department of Education.

The issues plaguing the public school system are vast, and a consensus among objective observers is that public education is currently facing a significant crisis. Sadly, it appears the educational crisis did not emerge suddenly, rather, it has been festering for decades and a simple cleanup won’t suffice; a radical overhaul is necessary.

While a flamethrower approach might have been effective in the 1980s or 90’s, the current situation demands a more drastic solution. A book written in 2013, titled “Don’t Let the Hippies Shower” and updated in 2018, humorously delves into the origins of the public education and academia debacle in the United States.

The author sheds light on how the influence of left-leaning ideals began with 1960’s radicals, pre-dating the establishment of the Department of Education. While presented with humor, the book uncovers some harsh truths, notably the role played by teachers unions as a cancer within the public education system.

The pandemic further exposed their agenda, creating tension even with far-left leaders like former Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. As long as teachers unions maintain their power through an unholy alliance with the Democrats, public schools will prioritize indoctrination over genuine education.

Their influence remains vast and enduring, ensuring the production of generations of left-leaning students who find further political reinforcement at liberal universities. Despite the daunting challenge, experts believe that weakening the grip of teachers unions lies in expanding school choice options.

Some Republican governors have made strides in this direction, leading to a divide between red and blue states. However, the issue of school choice still lacks the prominence it deserves among national GOP candidates.

The gravity of the situation demands a thorough examination and reformation of the public education system in the United States. The future of the nation’s welfare and the education of its children hang in the balance.

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