Nashville School Shooter’s Clothes Covered With Mysterious Notes

In a bizarre twist uncovered by the autopsy report, new information on the transgender school shooter who targeted Christian elementary school students has come to light.

The clothes of deceased shooter Audrey Hale were reportedly covered in unexplained “handwritten words, drawings and numbers.” It is not publicly known what was written on her clothing.

The Daily Mail reported Hale was wearing an orange plastic anklet with the number 508407 imprinted. She also had a knife with “Aiden” etched on it. Aiden was her preferred name.

Critics continue to question the shroud of secrecy surrounding the transgender shooter and her manifesto.

Her rampage claimed six lives, including three nine-year-old children, but her motivations are treated as a state secret.

Over two months ago a judge read the unredacted manifesto in response to a lawsuit. The plaintiffs demanding its release were the National Association of Police and America First Legal, which was founded by former Trump administration official Stephen Miller.

American First general counsel Gene Hamilton noted that the group “prays for God’s peace for all affected.” However, he further declared that the public was also affected and has every right to see the documents.

The autopsy report noted that Hale identified as a transgender man. However, she was officially listed as female. It also determined that she died from multiple gunshot wounds.

There was no evidence of drugs or alcohol found in her system.

It was March 27 when Hale shot through the glass doors of the Covenant School where she was once a student. Video evidence showed her walking the halls of the building before beginning her rampage that would claim six lives and shock the nation.

The former student conducted surveillance of the school and had a detailed map of the facility. Investigators said she planned for months to commit mass murder.

Within 14 minutes law enforcement stormed the building. Dramatic video footage showed police bravely and quickly going door to door in search of the killer. The drama ended in a mezzanine area when Officers Rex Engelbert and Michael Collazo confronted her.

According to the New York Post, the investigation into the tragedy could take as long as another year to complete.

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