Outrage Grows As Crowded NYC ‘Tent City’ Put Next To Elementary School

New Yorkers are flocking to the streets to protest the state’s and Democratic Mayor Eric Adams’ placement of an illegal migrant shelter packed with 1,000 single men adjacent to an elementary school and senior center.

Hundreds of fed up residents assembled in Queens Wednesday to voice their disgust at the scheme. Signs emblazoned with “No Tent City” and “1 Term Mayor” expressed the sentiments of people outraged that the makeshift facility was thrust into their neighborhood.

Other signage urged Washington to close the border and proclaimed that area children deserve safety in their schools.

The structure opened on Tuesday.

The massive facility was thrown up in only 10 days in the parking lot of a psychiatric facility. It is set to house many of the thousands of illegals who flocked to the so-called “sanctuary” city.

The New York Post reported that former Republican mayoral candidate Curtis Silwa was arrested after refusing police commands to stop blocking traffic.

A few protesters expressed sympathy for the asylum seekers but argued planting 1,000 unvetted single men in their neighborhood was dangerous.

The Creedmoor Psychiatric Center is located mere steps from multiple schools, including a special education facility. Many protesters waved American flags as they chanted “close the border.”

The city says it is running out of options to house the massive influx, and one controversial choice would be establishing a tent city in Central Park. An estimated 42 million people visit the iconic park every year.

At a Wednesday press conference, officials said that every option is on the table. The city is reportedly reviewing some 3,000 locations to set up temporary housing for the illegal migrants.

Biden’s unchecked border and NYC’s “sanctuary” status led to the current crisis of nearly 60,000 migrants being in their care. Large numbers are single, military-aged males who residents do not want unleashed in their communities.

With the city’s burgeoning homeless population, authorities say NYC is now housing a record 105,800 people. Leaders continue to beg for federal assistance for what they insist is a federal problem.

However, it wasn’t Washington that rolled out the red carpet and declared sanctuary to anyone who can make it across the border.

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