Border Patrol Agents Fired Upon From Mexico

Shots were fired on Thursday from the Mexican side of the U.S. southern border as agents attempted to apprehend a group of suspected illegals in Texas. The Border Report confirmed that no one was injured in the attack.

The FBI, in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation, said it is investigating the incident as an assault on a federal officer. There were no arrests on the Mexican side after the shooting.

In a statement, Border Patrol said that “as the group was being apprehended, agents noticed a subject south of the border barrier brandishing a handgun and [firing] toward the agents. The agents immediately took cover and secured the migrants.”

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data revealed there have been 271 assault incidents on Border Patrol agents from October 2022 through June.

Fiscal year 2022 saw 421 violent encounters after 361 in fiscal year 2021.

Former Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott told NewsNation that the danger is rising. “Agents face real threats out there every single day, because they don’t know who they are encountering until they walk up on, especially at two o’clock in the morning.”

The threat contradicts the leftist narrative that those pouring across Biden’s open border are merely victims fleeing persecution.

As Scott observed, “Guess who doesn’t traditionally, at least, assault Border Patrol agents? People that are actually fleeing from fear, persecution in their own country and want to claim asylum in the United States.”

Genuine refugees, he explained, approach the first agent they see and surrender.

Scott added that the true number of attacks endured by Border Patrol is far greater than official data indicates. Much of this is due to the inefficiency of government prosecutors in pursuing charges in these incidents.

He said officials “want open and shut cases that they can try very, very quickly.” If an agent does not suffer “serious bodily harm” or is bleeding or shot, prosecution through the U.S. Attorney’s Office is unlikely.

Fox News reported that authorities in Texas recently arrested two armed Mexican cartel members at the border. They were outfitted with armor-piercing rounds.

A third suspect is believed to have fled back across the border into Mexico.

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