Mainstream Media Falsely Claims Trump Sold Mar-A-Lago To Son

Donald Trump Jr. has refuted the false narrative that he had acquired his father’s Mar-a-Lago home in the weeks leading up to former President Donald Trump’s arrest in Fulton County, Georgia.

In a statement to Breitbart News on Friday, Trump’s eldest son condemned the media’s false reporting.

“I woke up this morning to numerous media reports claiming that my dad transferred ownership of Mar-A-Lago to me, and while anyone would love to be gifted one of the most beautiful properties in the entire world, it is nothing more than total and complete fake news,” Trump Jr. told the outlet in a written statement. “A lot of media outlets should be embarrassed with themselves for running such a phony story, but we all know that most of them won’t even retract their reports because they have no shame. SAD!”

The false reports were spread over the past few days, with several outlets asserting that Zillow listings showed the property had been sold — including the Daily Express and Newsweek.

Even conservative individuals reported the fake news, including Trending Politics co-owner Collin Rugg, who celebrated the reporting in a tweet, writing: “Good. Protect your assets from the corrupt elites who are trying to ruin you.”

The tweet later received a fact-check from the Community Notes feature on X, formerly known as Twitter. The note read: “There does not appear to be a transfer. The last recording per county was in 1995 from Trump to Mar-A-Lago Club, Inc. Leadership of Mar-A-Lago Club, Inc. changed from Trump to Don Jr. in 2017.”

Rugg later corrected his mistake in a follow-up tweet, writing: “Eric Trump says the Newsweek report is *not* true. ‘This is pure FAKE NEWS and Zillow has corrected their listing. Mar-a-Lago has not been sold or transferred in any regard.’”

Zillow has since released a statement to Newsweek about the error, which read: “Zillow strives for accuracy on our site and if we become aware of inaccurate information, we will update it immediately. After an investigation, it appears that the information provided was incorrect. We’ve corrected the information on this property.”

Trump Jr. continued to joke about the fake news on social media.
“Reliable sources also reporting that I was planning on turning Mar-A-Lago into a gun club,” he wrote.

Trump Jr. has been very outspoken all week about the media’s lies about his family, his father’s indictments, and his father’s political opponents — including calling out President Joe Biden and each of the eight GOP candidates who appeared on the debate stage on Wednesday night.

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