Citing Biden’s Failures, Oklahoma Sends Troops To Southern Border

Oklahoma Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt’s will send state troops to defend the nation’s southern border, according to an announcement by his office Thursday evening.

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott sent the call out for assistance as his state is being flooded with waves of illegal migrants due to President Joe Biden’s border failures.

Oklahoma joins the ranks of Arkansas, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia in supplying help to the Lone Star State.

In making the announcement, Stitt said deploying the National Guard is not a decision he undertook lightly. He noted that he is the parent of a deployed soldier and is quite aware of what is asked of men and women in uniform.

He added, “However, I believe it is in the best interest of Oklahoma and the nation to take decisive action to address the federal government’s utter failure to secure our southern border.”

Stitt noted the decisive action by Republican governors to step up and lead in a dire situation where the White House refuses to. He accused Washington of failing to prevent millions of illegal crossings in a wave that is only getting stronger.

He added that states face an incredibly difficult task due to the continuous illegal flow of “criminals, drugs, and contraband moving across our border.”

The 13 Republican-led states are sending a total of 1,305 National Guardsmen and 231 law enforcement officers to the southern border. Their role will be to assist Texas personnel in turning back the tide of illegal migrants.

The resources are a welcome addition to Gov. Abbott’s Operation Lone Star to secure the Texas border with Mexico and push back illegal crossings.

Biden recently deployed 1,500 troops to the Mexican border to provide support services for CBP officials. There has been a surge in migrant crossings since Title 42 protections ended on May 11.

That was a successful Trump-era policy that is credited with enabling over two million expulsions of illegal migrants.

Despite certain protestations from the White House, the Biden White House is only getting what it deserves. From punting border duties to inept Vice President Kamala Harris to allowing effective policies to expire, the administration has thoroughly shirked its constitutional duties.

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