Trump Meets With Tulsi Gabbard To Discuss Foreign Policy

In a surprising move, former President Donald Trump held a meeting about foreign policy with former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI), according to The Washington Post.

As a major in the U.S. Army Reserve and an Iraqi War veteran, Gabbard is known for her stance against the U.S. being involved in foreign wars.

Gabbard believes that U.S. intervention would “undermine our national security and…actually increase the suffering of people in the countries where we wage them.”

She has also been vocal about her opposition to sending resources to Ukraine, a topic that most Republicans also agree with.

According to Trump, one of his biggest regrets about his presidency was not choosing better defense and foreign policy leaders. He stated that if re-elected, he would choose leaders who share his views on foreign policy.

Last year, there had been speculation that Trump would invite Gabbard to join his administration if he won the 2024 election.

On an episode of “Hannity,” host Sean Hannity asked the former congresswoman what her response would be if Trump asked her to be his running mate in 2024. Gabbard appeared interested in the proposition.

“I look forward to having that conversation,” Gabbard replied, smiling.

Seeing that they have met at least once in person, it seems like all of the talk might become reality. The prospect of having Gabbard as a member of Trump’s future cabinet could get hesitant Republicans behind his policies behind the former president.

“She appeals to Republicans who are skeptical of intervention overseas, which is now a majority of Republican voters,” Republican strategist Andrew Surabian said.

Not only that, Gabbard is also known for speaking out against the woke agenda. While in office, she introduced legislation to ban men from competing in women’s sports.

Gabbard officially left the Democratic Party in 2022, referring to it as an “elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness.” She also stated that the party stands for the “powerful elite,” and not the people.

The former Democrat has become a well-known contributor for the left’s rival news outlet, Fox News. It is clear to see why her former party sees her as a threat.

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