Trump: Kamala Harris Would Be ‘Better’ Than Biden

During a Friday interview, former president and current GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump declared that he believes that Vice President Kamala Harris would be a “better” option to lead the United States than President Joe Biden.

Trump, who is the likely GOP candidate to challenge Biden in the 2024 presidential election, made the remarks during a radio interview with Hugh Hewitt.

The discussion began when Hewitt questioned whether Americans were really voting for Harris when they chose Biden — likely implying that the 81-year-old president’s time in office could be cut short for a variety of reasons, including his physical and cognitive decline or his alleged crimes.

“Mr. President, if people vote for Joe Biden, are they really voting for Kamala Harris?” he asked.

Trump agreed, while also pointing out that the Democrats have essentially painted themselves into a corner with Biden choosing Harris as his vice presidential running mate in 2020 — as they have no acceptable excuses to ditch her and pick a new vice president for 2024.

“I think so. I mean, let’s see what happens. I’m not sure that he gets to the starting gate, to be honest. I don’t know. I would guess at the starting gate, but certainly, I think so. It seems like he’s locked into her for a lot of reasons. He has to choose her. I understand. It would seem like the Democrats, if he doesn’t run, have to run her. That’s what all of the professionals like you are saying. I’m not sure that that’s correct, but that’s what they’re saying. Yeah, you’re locked into her,” Trump said.

He then asserted that Harris could actually be a better leader than Biden, while many of his allies have said the exact opposite — expressing concern that she could take over for the president and make things worse.

“And she might be, I can’t say worse. I think she’d be better than him, actually. I actually think that,” Trump said.

This isn’t the first time that Trump pointed out that Democrats may want to replace Harris, as he previously noted in an interview with Tucker Carlson that “a lot of people” wanted her removed from the 2024 Democrat ticket.

“A lot of people say she has to remain, for certain reasons, the candidate, she has too… I don’t think that’s true, actually. I don’t think that other people would stand for it,” Trump said regarding Harris being removed as Biden’s running mate. “She has some bad moments. Her moments are almost as bad as his [Biden’s], I think his are worse actually.”

Trump went on to point out that “other people could get involved” in the vice-presidential spot, including California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) — whom many people believe would be the Democrats’ chosen successor for Biden.

“Could be him [Newsom], could be somebody else,” he added.

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