Texas Supreme Court Denies Father Contesting Gender Transition

The Texas Supreme Court has ruled against a father trying to protect his child from gender transition.

The custody case involved James Younger, a Texas child whose mother, Anne Georgulas, insists he identifies as a girl named “Luna.”

James’ father, Jeff Younger, believes that James’ mother, Anne Georgulas, moved James and his brother from Texas to California so that she can subject him to transgender procedures to transition. Georgulas is a pediatrician and Jeff Younger believes that she is using her child to help her “gender-affirming” practice.

California Senate Bill 107 prohibits “the enforcement of an order based on another state’s law authorizing a child to be removed from their parent or guardian based on that parent or guardian allowing their child to receive gender-affirming health care or gender-affirming mental health care.”

Younger petitioned the Texas Supreme Court to order Georgulas to return the children to the state.

Younger’s petition stated that if allowed to stay in California, his son “would be subjected to transgender procedures.”

Younger said that without the court’s intervention, “The Children would lose the protections of injunctions on the Mother that prevent her from chemically castrating the Children.”

Georgulas was given full custody of James in August 2021. Dallas County District Court Judge Mary Brown awarded Georgulas full custody of James. She also eliminated the requirement that Jeff Younger be notified about James’ medical procedures, except for instances of hormone suppression therapy, puberty-blocking drugs, and gender reassignment surgery. The order also states that Younger must consent to any decisions made under those categories of the procedure.

The Texas Supreme Court has now denied Younger’s claim to have his sons returned to Texas.

However, according to the order, the mother is not permitted to transition the child without the permission of the father and she cannot avoid the order because she has moved to California.

Younger believes Georgulas will find a workaround for the law in California and that the only way he could have kept his son safe was to have him returned to Texas.

In an attempt to find a legislative solution, Younger ran for the Texas House in 2022, but he lost the GOP primary runoff to Representative-elect Ben Bumgarner.

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