Teens Arrested For Brutally Assaulting US Marines

Several teenagers responsible for the brutal mob attack on three off-duty U.S. Marines before Memorial Day weekend, have been apprehended and formally charged. The mob, consisting of over 40 teenagers, saw five face felony charges while an additional four could receive misdemeanor charges.

The incident unfolded when three Marines confronted a group exhibiting unruly behavior at the San Clemente Pier Bowl area in California on Friday evening. Hunter Antonino, one of the victims, recounted the events, stating he approached the group to cease their disruptive actions, which included setting off fireworks and causing a noise disturbance.

However, the mob not only disregarded Antonino’s request but also pursued him back to the pier. Video footage of the incident shows a teenager striking one of the victims from behind near the pier stairs. The Marine retaliates, only for the teenager to go hide behind his friends.

Moments later, the men are subjected to a barrage of attacks from various teens. In the video, two Marines can be seen curling up on the ground as they endure a series of blows and kicks to their heads. Disturbingly, some onlookers cheered on the assault, spewing racial slurs and expletives.

Antonino expressed his confusion and attempted to assist his friends, stating, “I didn’t know what was going on. I was just trying to go back to the car then I turned around… to help them out. And then we’re just all in this circle being stomped on, beat up.”

Although bloodied, Antonino and his companions sustained minor injuries and declined medical treatment. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department promptly pledged to identify and prosecute the responsible individuals to the fullest extent of the law. Investigators identified four male juveniles and one female juvenile believed to be involved in the attack.

They were subsequently arrested on Tuesday and booked into Orange County Juvenile Hall. San Clemente Mayor Chris Duncan disclosed a total of nine juveniles may face charges in connection with the assault. Five of them have been charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon, while four others may face misdemeanor assault charges.

OCSD Sgt. Mike Woodroof stressed that regardless of age, anyone inflicting significant damage or internal injuries by kicking another person in the head would be arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon.

He emphasized the importance of accountability in today’s digital age, warning young individuals not to lose control in such situations, hoping this incident will serve as a lesson for the community.

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