Taylor Swift Loses Top Spotify Position To Controversial Rival

Megastar Taylor Swift may have famously watched her boyfriend’s team win the Super Bowl last weekend, but she was bounced from the top of the music world — at least temporarily — by a highly controversial rival.

The singer had held the No. 1 position on the Daily Top Artist Global rankings of the Spotify streaming music platform. However, the new Kanye West release “VULTURES” pushed Swift aside, extending the animosity between the two that exploded with wild Super Bowl rumors.

There were reports that Swift had the rapper kicked out of the stadium for his attempting to squeeze into her frequent appearances on network cameras. The allegations were made by former NFL wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

He claimed that West positioned himself to be in the camera shots zeroing in on Swift after big plays.

As vengeance for an incident nearly 15 years ago, Marshall said Swift had West escorted out of the building. An associate of the rapper asserted the tale was false.

Online music magazine HipHopDX reported that West was seen in the Las Vegas stadium several times as late as the third quarter. He was also featured prominently in an ad for a sock/shoe that ran only in the Chicago and Miami markets.

As for Kansas City’s most visible fan, bad blood between the ubiquitous singer and West dates back to the 2009 Video Music Awards. A much younger Taylor Swift was honored at the awards show for Best Female Video for her “You Belong with Me.”

But West rushed onto the stage, grabbed the microphone from Swift’s hand, and declared the award should have instead gone to Beyonce.

The rapper later targeted Swift in song lyrics, though the singer never responded in kind.

West is currently embroiled in controversy concerning allegations of anti-semitism. Adidas cut ties with him and singer Ozzy Osbourne rejected the rapper sampling one of his works over his views.

He merely added fuel to the fire this week when he declared, “Black people can’t be anti-semitic. We are Jews. You understand what I’m saying? We are Jews.”

As for the Spotify rankings, Swift was back to No. 1 by Monday.

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