Suspected Robber Fatally Shot By Philadelphia Pizza Shop Employee

One suspected robber is dead after being shot by a Philadelphia pizza shop employee Saturday night.

The incident occurred at George’s Famous Pizza on Oxford Avenue in the city’s Frankford neighborhood around 8 p.m. It was reported that two men “wearing hooded sweatshirts and masks” entered the pizzeria with the intent on robbing the shop.

One of the suspected robbers was reportedly trying to get behind the counter while firing a round using a handgun. One of the shop’s employees then returned fire at the suspects.

During the exchange, the unidentified suspect was shot multiple times and pronounced dead around 8:30 p.m. His identity has yet to be released.

The other assailant reportedly ran away and has not been identified. It is unknown at this time whether he was injured during the shootout.

Officers reported that nothing was stolen and no one else inside the shop was injured. It is unclear how many customers and employees were inside at the time.

Police did, however, recover two of the suspects’ firearms at the scene.

Neighborhood resident Bill Hackett reported seeing the deceased man on the ground and said that he spoke with the pizza shop employee, who turned out to be the owner’s son.

Hackett stated that the employee told him that he was being shot at and so he had to defend himself.

The city of brotherly love is notorious for its crime rate. Multiple stores were looted back in September, which led to over 60 arrests.

Many took to social media to comment on the incident. Many stood in full support of the employee, recognizing his heroic actions and believing justice had been served.

Without the employee’s quick thinking and ability to carry a firearm, this incident could have been tragic for everyone inside.

Police are currently reviewing outdoor security cameras to try and identify the suspect who fled the scene.

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