Smith Hires Democratic Loyalist For Trump Prosecution

The recent appointment of Alex Whiting to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team of prosecutors has raised eyebrows and brought forth questions regarding the investigation’s impartiality into President Donald Trump. Whiting, with his substantial history of donations to Democratic figures, seems to echo the political leanings of the team, creating new concerns regarding the fairness of the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ).

Jack Smith, serving as DOJ Special Counsel, is engaged in a highly partisan mission against Trump, with Whiting, a veteran war crimes prosecutor, as his latest ally. The duo has a history of collaboration, notably prosecuting crimes against humanity at the Hague in the late 1990s. Despite such a significant addition, the lack of a formal announcement draws speculation about Smith’s motivations.

Alex Whiting has left his mark in the international legal landscape and academic realms, teaching at Harvard Law School under then-Dean Elena Kagan, now a U.S. Supreme Court Justice. However, Whiting’s contribution to Democratic causes, including to figures like Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Barack Obama, has thrown a shadow on his role in the investigations, highlighting the bias against Trump.

While Whiting’s exact role in Smith’s team remains unclear, his alignment with Robert Mueller’s views on Trump’s legal challenges, frequently siding with those emphasizing the legal risks for the former President, is noteworthy. This alignment and Whiting’s critical stance toward Trump, as manifested in articles and interviews, reveals a thinly veiled inclination against the former President.

Smith’s enlistment of partisan associates like Whiting showcases a questionable pattern. David Harbach and Raymond Hulser, key deputies, have had prior affiliations with Smith, tracing back to his days in the Obama-era Justice Department. The semblance of a close-knit team with parallel political leanings generates concerns over the unbiased nature of the probe, potentially compromising the integrity of judicial proceedings against Trump.

Whiting’s background in prosecuting organized crime and his association with entities like the International Criminal Court from 2010 to 2013 raises questions regarding the intensity and angle of the legal pursuit against Trump.

Furthermore, the Smith team carries the immense weight of historical precedent, venturing into uncharted territories where a former President could face imprisonment. Such landmark proceedings must be held under the highest standards of impartiality and integrity. Yet, the prevalent trend and recent appointments have left many conservatives questioning whether balanced justice is just a far-fetched ideal in this scenario.

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