‘Missing Witness’ Unmasks Biden’s Corruption, Exposes DOJ’s Opaque Tactics

Dr. Gal Luft, the self-proclaimed “missing witness” in the investigation of the Biden family’s alleged corruption, has broken his silence. This week, in an unprecedented video statement, he exposed alleged unscrupulous acts by the Biden family and what he considers the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) misconduct.

This American-Israeli energy expert, absent from the public eye for months, reemerged to lay bare his accusations against the Biden family. As he shared his story, Luft spoke from an undisclosed location, shielding himself from U.S. authorities after escaping detention in Cyprus earlier this year.

Luft’s testimony revolves around his work with the now-defunct Chinese energy company CEFC, where he served as an advisor during the same period that Hunter Biden was associated with the firm. Luft accused the Biden family of receiving payments from individuals with suspected ties to Chinese military intelligence. He also alleges an FBI mole within the company shared classified information with the Bidens.

One of the most unsettling revelations from Luft’s statement was his claim that he furnished evidence of the Biden family’s alleged misconduct to the DOJ and the FBI in March of 2019. He asserted that this initiative was not reciprocated with appreciation. Instead, he became a “person of interest,” leading to his arrest and prosecution.

Upon meeting a team from the DOJ and FBI in Brussels to hand over his evidence, Luft never heard back from these federal bodies. In the following months, he and those close to him faced harassment and intimidation, he said. His outcry for the DOJ to publicize his indictment and evidence against him has so far gone unanswered.

The charges against Luft include illegal arms trading, acting as an unregistered foreign agent and lying to the FBI – all accusations Luft vehemently denies. As part of his defense, he draws attention to the ironic charge of making a false statement, which originated from the meeting he set up with the DOJ to be a responsible witness to wrongdoing.

Luft’s tale takes a political twist involving former CIA head James Woolsey. Charged under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA), Luft allegedly ghost-wrote an article published under Woolsey’s name, leading to a $6,000 payment from CEFC. Luft refutes this charge by pointing out Woolsey’s advisory role in his think tank since 2002 and the absence of any Chinese interest in the article.

On a more ominous note, Luft questions the timing of the DOJ’s unsealing of the indictment, speculating that it may have been an attempt to overshadow the impending Republican takeover of Congress during the 2022 midterm elections. This suggests that more could be at play than meets the eye.

Despite his current fugitive status, the House Oversight Committee, led by Chairman James Comer (R-KY), considers Luft a “potential witness” in the Biden family investigation. During congressional testimony, Biden family associate Rob Walker corroborated Luft’s account of Joe Biden’s involvement with CEFC.

Undeterred by his current predicament, Luft remains determined to reveal his version of the truth to the American public. He is speaking out now because he has lost faith in receiving a fair trial in New York. He continues to press for transparency from the DOJ and the FBI, challenging them to release the minutes from their Brussels meeting.

The story continues to unfold with the resilience of Luft, whose insistence on accountability from the U.S. justice system may bring more revelations about the Bidens to light.

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