Highway Collapses Despite $1 Trillion By Biden On ‘Infrastructure’

The Biden administration justified pouring at least $1 trillion into “Build Back Better,” a sweeping program to revamp the nation’s infrastructure, while doing very little in actual improvements.

Federal programs are difficult to get a clear price tag on, and the Congressional Budget Office placed the true cost of Biden’s overall program at nearly $5 trillion. And what do we have to show for it?

One train derailment after another and the closure of the main interstate artery on the East Coast.

Travelers watched in horror recently as a tanker truck fire on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia collapsed the northbound side of a bridge.

The destruction was so extensive that the blaze rendered the southbound side of I-95 unsuitable for traffic. This means a summer and likely longer of incredible delays on this busiest of highways.

This White House preached about infrastructure, but much of the program was simply pet projects paraded as vital improvements. Everything from public housing to “racist roads” was targeted in this massive expenditure, and there is precious little to show for it.

In fact, a breakdown of the bill’s funding showed just how little of the massive total actually targeted roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects.

Of the initial $1 trillion in “investment,” traditional infrastructure work accounted for only a paltry $127 billion of the outlay.

The list of pet projects was expansive. Electric vehicle subsidies received $15 billion, even though the market and electrical grid are not up to speed with where industry forecasters predicted.

High speed internet received $65 billion of the massive total, though this is an area that is far better served through letting private enterprise compete with each other. And another $20 billion went to the Department of Defense for funding energy startups.

Clearly, the Biden administration favored pet projects and agenda-based items over truly supporting the nation’s infrastructure. The package had a “kid in a candy store” feel of simply grabbing whatever is shiny, no matter the cost or practicality.

Now a major East Coast artery is down for the summer and likely longer.

No, the White House was not concerned with shoring up the traditional infrastructure. It instead wanted to fund its leftist programs, and now U.S. travelers will pay the price.

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