Grade School Teacher Fired For Satanic Social Media Posts

An Illinois school district has terminated a grade school art teacher due to the troubling content they shared on social media. The posts in question touched on subjects like satanism, bipolar disorder, psychosis and even violence. These unsettling posts gained significant attention online.

Among the concerning posts, one claimed that white supremacists had infiltrated law enforcement while another seemed to support satanism. These posts went viral on social media. A wave of demands for action followed within the Homer Community Consolidated School District 33C.

One of the most alarming posts that triggered immediate concern read, “I HAVE BIPOLAR 1 DISORDER WITH MANIA AND PSYCHOSIS!” The post continued, revealing, “I have engaged in harmful and violent actions during episodes of psychosis and mania.” Such intense words made parents very uncomfortable.

Individuals with bipolar disorder are at a significantly higher risk for violence. The teacher acknowledged their struggles online and shared that they grapple with “irrational thought processes.” These thought processes exacerbate their fears and anxieties with each day presenting a mental battle for survival.

While everyone faces challenges, sharing such personal and serious struggles online underscores the severity of this individual’s mental health condition. This level of disclosure suggests an inability to make rational decisions. Further, it raises questions about their suitability to teach children.

In response, the school board held an emergency meeting. Superintendent Dr. Craig Schoppe announced the outcome, stating that the board had decided to relieve the teacher of duty. He noted, “The Board of Education approved the dismissal of a certified employee.”

Some parents expressed that the school district should have been more careful with its hiring process. In the past, employers often conducted thorough background checks before bringing someone on board. Today, diversity tends to be given precedence and often overshadowing other crucial considerations.

In the case of school staff members working closely with children, such as teachers, it’s imperative to ensure that adequate precautions are taken during the hiring process. Given the responsibilities they will shoulder, they must invest the necessary time and care to ascertain a candidate’s suitability for the role.

Following this problematic scenario, many parents have voiced their intent to rally for removing certain school board members in the upcoming election. Parents’ involvement in school board meetings and elections is essential. It helps create an environment that prioritizes the needs and best interests of the children.

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