Customer Shoots Armed Robbery Suspect Without Dropping His Beer

Although gun-control activists on the left tend to claim that taking firearms away from law-abiding citizens will make the general population safer, news stories from across the nation continue to highlight the actions of gun owners who step in to prevent potentially violent crimes in progress.

One recent example occurred in Cassopolis, Michigan, where a suspect brandishing a box cutter reportedly entered a convenience store with the intention of robbing it.

Authorities indicate another individual inside the store was legally carrying a firearm, which he pulled out and fired at the suspect — all without dropping the six-pack of beer he was holding in his other hand. Reports indicate 35-year-old Cordelius Anthony Martin was shot multiple times but survived.

The customer reportedly fired a total of seven times, striking the suspect in the face, back, and arm. When the suspect began crawling toward him, the gun owner told police that he went to his vehicle to retrieve a loaded magazine and held the suspect at gunpoint until authorities arrived.

According to the employee, who was not identified in news reports, the armed customer “saved [his] life” by taking action to end the robbery in progress.

An update to the initial report confirmed that Martin is facing charges related to an attempted armed robbery whereas prosecutors declined to press charges against the shooter, whose actions they described as “lawful and justified.”

Prior to confirming his office’s decision regarding the concealed-carry permit holder, Cass County Prosecutor Victor Fitz referenced a state law that allows for such action in response to an immediate threat.

“In Michigan, obviously, we do have defense of others as part of the law in Michigan, that you can defend others if they’re in a situation that there’s dangerous force being used against them,” he explained. “And certainly in this case, we’ll be looking at the facts in regard to that.”

Martin was reportedly released from the hospital last week into police custody with bond set at $100,000. Police records indicate he has already been convicted of three felonies, which means a conviction in this case could result in a life sentence behind bars.

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