CNN Gives Biden Pass On Gas Prices, Blames Heat

CNN continues to carry water for President Joe Biden despite pledges to move toward the political center. Nothing illustrates its continued leftist slant quite like the network’s take on gas prices soaring across the nation.

Ignoring clear White House policy failures and the lack of international standing this administration brought about, CNN instead blamed summer heat.

That’s right. Not Biden’s inability to get more production out of OPEC+ or his declared war on domestic energy. The fact that July and August are hot pushed gas prices to their current nine-month highs.

CNN reporter Matt Egan claimed that the summer heat wave sent prices skyrocketing yet again under Biden’s watch. “Extreme heat has actually increased the price of gasoline” to levels unseen since late 2022.

This, of course, accomplishes two tasks that CNN is committed to. It deflects blame for gas pump inflation away from the Democratic administration while renewing charges that global warming is destroying Americans’ lives.

BlazeTV’s Pat Gray called such reporting “mindless buffoonery.” He noted the media shies far away from blaming “our beloved sharp as a tack president of the United States, Joe Biden.”

As of Wednesday, the national average gas price stood at $3.83 per gallon, according to AAA. Twelve months ago it was $4.06, but there has been a surge of at least $0.30 in the last month alone.

Gas had fallen to $3.09 by Dec. 2022. The rise to the current level means an extra cost of approximately $101 billion for U.S. consumers, something Biden and his supporters know all too well weighs heavily on voters’ minds.

The president also knows that his handling of the nation’s energy needs crumbles under the slightest scrutiny. Some of his first acts upon taking office were to end projects aimed at increasing energy independence.

Instead, Biden’s policies predictably put the American public in the back pockets of major oil producers who are at best unpredictable. Throw in the supply constrictions of the seemingly endless Ukraine war, and it’s easy to see how the White House needs defending from its many critics.

That’s what it has CNN and other media partners for. Even as Biden’s missteps mounted to create the current gas price surge, Americans still tuned in to cable news are told that it’s simply the weather causing their pain at the pump.

Is it any wonder that the public no longer trusts mainstream media sources?

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