Burger King Employee Arrested For Serving Fries From Trash

The assistant manager of a Burger King in South Carolina has been arrested on charges of allegedly serving customers french fries that were taken from the trash can, according to the police.

Jaime Christine Major, aged 39, faces a felony charge of tampering with food. The accusation is that she took french fries from the trash and mixed them with freshly cooked fries in the container intended for serving before topping it off with freshly cooked fries. The incident led to her arrest on Monday.

On July 9, the Union Police Department received a report of a disturbance at the fast-food restaurant. Upon arrival, they encountered two women engaged in a heated altercation with the restaurant staff, hurling threats and using profane language.

After the women disregarded the officers’ request to calm down, they were subsequently arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, according to information provided by the police.

Two days later, Burger King headquarters contacted the police and informed them that Major had allegedly been serving fries taken from the trash can to customers.

According to the police, Major discarded the fries into the trash but later retrieved them and placed them in the fry dump, where freshly cooked fries were then added on top.

A Burger King spokesperson told Fox Business, “These allegations do not align to the brand’s commitment to quality food and service and creating an exceptional guest experience. The franchisee of this restaurant is cooperating with local authorities and will take appropriate action based on the findings. As this remains an ongoing investigation, we are unable to share additional details at this time.”

Following an investigation, a warrant was issued for Major’s arrest. Major’s bond was set at $20,000 by the judge.

In accordance with South Carolina law, malicious tampering with a human drug product or food item with the intent to cause bodily harm to a person is considered a felony. If found guilty, Major could be sentenced to up to 20 years in prison.

As of July 19, the inmate search database indicates that Major is no longer in custody at the center.

Consuming contaminated food can lead to poisoning, causing severe illness and, in extreme cases, even death.

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