Blue Jays Cut Pitcher Even Though He Apologized For Pro-Boycott Post

Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Anthony Bass has been cut by the team following recent controversy over his decision to share a post promoting the boycott of businesses pushing radical gender ideology, despite him caving to the woke mob and apologizing.

Bass, a professed Christian, shared a video on Instagram that made a Biblical case against supporting businesses that push people, especially children, toward “darkness.”

However, the pitcher almost immediately caved in response to outrage from the radical left and pressure from the team. The Toronto Blue Jays later shared a video of Bass apologizing to the “Pride community” — which critics described as a “forced apology.”

“I recognize yesterday I made a post that was hurtful to the Pride community, which includes friends of mine and close family members of mine. And I am truly sorry for that,” he said in the video.

“I just spoke with my teammates and shared with them my actions yesterday. I apologized with [sic] them, and as of right now I am using the Blue Jays’ resources to better educate myself to make better decisions moving forward,” Bass added. “The ballpark is for everybody. We include all fans at the ballpark. We want to welcome everybody. That’s all I have to say.”

Despite his apology, Bass was still cut from the team just over a week after his apology video was posted on Twitter. Toronto Blue Jays manager Ross Atkins has claimed that the decision to let Bass go was mostly based on performance — though he did note that “distraction” played a role.

“There’s a myriad of variables,” Atkins said. “Performance is usually the driving one and performance was a large aspect of this decision. Distraction was a small part of it and something we had to factor in.”

“We’re trying to build the best possible team we can build,” he added. “This was a baseball decision to make our team better.”

Meanwhile, Bass also appeared to backtrack on his apology in comments to reporters on Thursday, stating that he stood by his beliefs.

“I stand by my personal beliefs,” he said. “And everyone is entitled to their personal beliefs, right? Also, I mean no harm towards any groups of people.”

Bass had been scheduled to participate in the team’s “Pride Weekend” series against the Minnesota Twins, where he was supposed to catch the first pitch by LGBT activist leZlie Lee Kam. He has since been replaced.

Bass faced significant backlash from conservatives and Christians for apologizing, with many predicting that he would still end up losing his spot on the team even after the team shared the video.

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