Americans Clap Back At Johns Hopkins For Microstamping Post

The Center for Gun Violence Solutions (CGVS) at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health thinks microstamping of firearms is the way of the future. America disagrees.

CGVS shared the following post on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, on Monday. The post read, “Microstamping imprints a code on a bullet’s cartridge case each time a gun is fired—linked to the gun’s serial number—allowing law enforcement to quickly link cartridge cases found at crime scenes to the gun used in a crime.” If only it were that simple.

For those who aren’t up to date on their leftist policy lingo and attempts at gun restriction, microstamping involves a firing pin that could imprint cartridge cases with microscopic coding. That code would theoretically serve to link back to the gun the bullet was fired from, which the CGVS believes could be a tremendous asset to law enforcement.

Fans of the Second Amendment gave the CGVS an earful.

It appears that the idea of microstamping is full of plot holes. Moreover, the CGVS went overboard implying that it could end gun violence. This is more rhetoric from the left that implies people won’t commit gun-related crimes if they think they can get caught.

A swath of Americans — and most certainly conservatives — have lost trust in public health institutions. Johns Hopkins is no exception to that post-Covid era rule. But they don’t trust the simplicity in the CGVS claim either.

Why should they? Firing pins can be removed by a novice with the help of a YouTube video. Furthermore, they’re interchangeable between firearms. Did CGVS forget about how many criminals already file the serial numbers off of their guns? Why wouldn’t they template that trick of the trade to micro-stamped serial numbers?

How would knowing what gun a bullet casing came from help if the gun is nowhere to be found? Does a bullet casing at a crime scene immediately implicate the registered owner of the firearm? How would a micro-stamped firearm that has been stolen assist law enforcement?

We can laugh at the entertainment value of CGVS failing to read the room before they addressed the public on this matter, but are we headed for a future with micro-stamped firearms even if we don’t like it?

If California is still the litmus test for what will eventually sweep the nation, it would seem so. Gov. Gavin Newsom (R ) signed SB452 this week, which “will require all semiautomatic pistols sold in California to use microstamping technology beginning in 2028.”

The tone of the clapback on the CGVS post is that of Americans who don’t trust their government, which they believe is trying to disarm them. Further, there’s no telling how many will buckle under pressure if they do. For the time being, try to keep your sense of humor.

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