Yellen Suggests Americans Are ‘Happy’ About Their Finances

While many Americans have reported finding it difficult to make ends meet during the Biden administration, U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says Americans “are happy with their financial circumstances.”

Her shocking claims were made on CNN’s “News This Morning” on Friday. On the broadcast, she said that Americans are spending more, suggesting they’re happy with their finances.

Like the rest of the Biden administration, Yellen must live under a rock to be oblivious to the daily struggle most Americans endure involving their finances. According to CNBC, 61% of Americans report living paycheck to paycheck. Most say they need over $230,000 to feel financially comfortable, which is three times more than they needed in 2021.

It’s no secret that since the Biden administration took office, Americans have been struggling to keep extra money in their pockets. Many use credit cards to make purchases they cannot afford at the time, leaving them more in debt.

According to USA Today, credit card debt is at a record high, coming in at $1.08 trillion. This number alone shows that the average person is finding it difficult to live in Biden’s America.

One of those people is Jourdan Skirha, who went viral on TikTok for a video she posted on her working three jobs, making six figures, and still struggling.

“I have three jobs. And I’m still f—king struggling,” she told millions of viewers.

“I’m just getting myself further and further into credit card debt because I don’t have enough after the first of the month to avoid using it. It just isn’t working.”

Apparently, Yellen hasn’t met any Americans with a story similar to Skirha’s or those sharing their financial experiences on social media. One X user posted about spending over $72 on Subway. It’s not that Americans enjoy spending; it’s that they have to spend more to survive, thanks to Bidenomics.

Another user sarcastically shared that Americans love working several jobs to be able to survive.

The reality is that many Americans have to work at least two jobs just to afford the basics — and even then it’s not enough to stay out of debt. The treasury secretary has shown herself to be out of touch with the American people on multiple occasions during her tenure, but this is clearly one of the best examples so far.

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