Woman Charged For Threats Against Trump And Son Barron

Federal prosecutors and a newly revealed criminal complaint state that a woman in Chicago was apprehended by federal investigators on Monday. She faces charges for sending threatening emails that targeted former President Donald Trump and his son Barron.

Tracy Marie Fiorenza, 41, was taken into custody on Monday morning by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Chicago. She faces a charge of communicating threats to murder or harm, according to the office.

The complaint, initially filed earlier this month in the U.S. District Court in southern Florida, was recently unsealed.

From her Facebook profile posts, it is evident that Fiorenza identifies as a “black magick occultist” and uses the name “Tracy Fiorenza De Rothschild,” a nod to the prominent Rothschild family.

Her social media activity reflects her far-left extremist views and conspiracy theories, frequently discussing Donald Trump and his son Barron. Furthermore, she asserts affiliation with the “Illuminati” secret society.

The affidavit accompanying the complaint stated that Fiorenza threatened Trump and Barron in a May 21 email to the head of an educational institution in Palm Beach, Florida.

The 45th former president primarily lives in Florida’s Palm Beach area at Mar-a-Lago.

Based on an affidavit from a U.S. Secret Service agent, it was revealed that Fiorenza allegedly composed a similar email on June 5.

The affidavit indicated that Fiorenza was questioned at the agency’s Chicago field office on June 14 and was provided with copies of the emails.

During the Secret Service agents’ questioning on June 14, she confessed to sending the threats from her residence in Plainfield, as stated in the charges.

Fiorenza was taken into custody on Monday morning and had her initial court appearance later that same day. During the hearing, a judge determined that her case should proceed in federal court in Florida, where the charges were lodged.

Her next court appearance in Chicago is scheduled for Wednesday, during which the judge will determine the logistics of her transport to Florida to address the charges.

As per the reports, Fiorenza currently lives in Plainfield, Illinois. Her Facebook page indicates that she worked as a former high school teacher for several years in inner-city Chicago.

If found guilty, she could potentially be sentenced to a minimum of 5 years in prison.

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