Whiny Dems Blame Committee Unseatings On Trump

Three House Democrats are crying foul after being removed from major committee assignments. Naturally, they’re blaming politics rather than figuring out the reason for their booting.

Reps. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Eric Swalwell (D-CA) and Adam Schiff (D-CA) claim that they were removed from their positions because of their strong opposition to former President Donald Trump.

Omar lost her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee while Swalwell and Schiff were each booted from the House Intelligence Committee. Swalwell called it political vengeance in a press conference with the other two Democrats this week.

Their whiny blame game should be no surprise. Considering the nature of Omar, Swalwell and Schiff’s roles during the Trump Administration, their removals should be a surprise to no one.

There are a number of serious concerns about each of these Democrats. Their removal was far from political and was backed by credible information.

Omar is one of the highest-profile antisemites in the nation. Swalwell may have been intimately involved with a Chinese spy. Schiff may have leaked classified information.

The Democrats could learn from their earlier mistakes, though if they learned that much they wouldn’t be Democrats in the first place.

The Republican National Committee condemned Omar this week for her antisemitism. Schiff received a major rebuke over his handling of sensitive data by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

As long as Republicans hold the House, the Democratic troublemakers will likely not regain their former positions. This should be enough time to avoid many of the worst excesses these three pulled off during the Trump years.

The failures of the radical members of the Democratic Party are a microcosm of the left’s problem in general. Their loud complaints for attention while Donald Trump was fixing our economy and America’s place in the world were completely counterproductive.

The Republican House leadership has already made a major step in the right direction. Perhaps if the remainder of the next two years goes this way, Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) may have more than one feather in his cap.

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