Schneider Blasts Brooks’ Ego Over Bud Light Controversy

Renowned actor and comedian Rob Schneider jumped into the Bud Light controversy after country music singer Garth Brooks appeared to defend the embattled brand.

Bud Light has lost tens of billions in value as well as its position as the top-selling beer in the U.S. after the ill-advised partnership with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

In a recent appearance on Billboard’s Country Live, Brooks seemed to target other singers whose bars no longer stock Bud Light. Concerning his new establishment in Nashville, the performer said Bud Light will definitely be served.

Brooks said, “If you come into this house, love one another. If you are an (expletive), there are plenty of other places on lower Broadway.”

The singer added that inclusivity and diversity describe him. “Inclusiveness is always going to be me. I think diversity is the answer to the problems that are here. And the answer to the problems that are coming.”

Schneider, for one, disagreed.

Interviewed on Fox Nation’s “Woke Up in America,” the comedian declared that Brooks should stay quiet and away from drama. He said, “I think the next time, he’s going to stay out of it, isn’t he? I think Garth Brooks, next time, is going to shut his mouth.”

Schneider’s advice? “Just from a business standpoint, just shut up, say ‘I have nothing to do with it.’”

Brooks defended his decision by saying it’s a choice that comes with being a bar owner. “Are we going to have the most popular beers in the thing? Yes. It’s not our call if we do it or not, it’s the patrons’ call, the bosses.”

He explained that if customers do not want a product, then he has to tell distributors that their items are not selling. “But the truth is, it’s those people in those seats that make those decisions and that’s what Friends in Little Places is going to be.”

Schneider said it’s not as much of a business call as it is Brooks’ ego stepping up. He said the singer had to inject, “‘I’m a good person because I did…’ and it’s like, shut up.”

The comedian noted that in today’s cultural environment, there is little if any forgiveness for even small infractions. These can lead to permanent exclusion. “With the liberals, you’re just out, you’re out forever. And that’s it. You’re out.”

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