Mass Deportation Is A Critical Policy For America’s Success

Mass immigration is fundamentally changing the nation’s demographics, culture, and politics. Even if immigration were immediately reduced to zero, the “cellular level” damage to America cannot be addressed without mass deportations.

The current “border security” bill pending in Congress would actually allow 8500 people per day to enter the United States. And — a provision in the bill allows the president to suspend deportations at any time, essentially “poison-pilling” out of existence any teeth the new legislation might have.

Democrats know this, and it is by design. It is a plan of managed chaos —there may be electoral consequences in the short term, but mass immigration is about the long game. A rough estimate puts the current number of illegal migrants in the United States at over 30 million. Perhaps one-third of that number has entered the nation during the Biden administration — courtesy of its open border policy. Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has conducted his job as a doorman and not a bouncer.

Democrats will deny that migrants should be able to vote, yet ferociously fight commonsense measures such as requiring identification at polling places. More insidiously, they push for migrants to be eligible for driver’s licenses. This is a backdoor means of enabling the ballot box for migrants, even if voter ID laws are in place.

Furthermore, all children born on U.S. soil have automatic citizenship — courtesy of a twisted and false interpretation of the Fourteenth Amendment. This creates an exponential growth of new voters 18 years into the future. America’s Electoral College system requires only a small increase in Democrat voters in a handful of swing states to shift the balance of power dramatically.

To gain a perspective on the magnitude of the issue, thirty million illegal migrants exceed the population of every state except California and Texas. The ponderous burden of welfare and handouts provided to this ever-growing class include pre-paid credit cards, free housing, medical care, college education, and smartphones. These policies are all peddled by Democrats — the same ones who allow them to remain in America due to “amnesty” programs.

There is little question of where their ballot box loyalties will lie. To boot, Republicans have been fearful of being branded as “mean”, “racist,” or “white nationalist” for supporting border security and deportation. As a result, a disunified GOP has not stood their ground.

The bottom line is that stemming the tide of immigration will not defuse the cultural and political time bomb planted by Democrat saboteurs. Americans must demand the deportation of as many migrants as possible as fast as possible. Blanket “amnesty” programs must cease.

Should the once-president Donald Trump become the future president, perhaps mass deportations and even ending “birthright” citizenship will be real possibilities.

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