Leftists Slamming Guy Fieri For Shaking Trump’s Hand

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri is in hot water with other famous personalities after he had the audacity to greet former President Donald Trump and speak to him at UFC 290 Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Heaven forbid that a celebrity shake a former president’s hand and be polite to him.

That’s all it took for the leftist cancel clowns to target Fieri, who committed the same sin as actor Mark Wahlberg and director Mel Gibson. Each took time to warmly greet Trump as the enthusiastic crowd roared its approval.

The cooking star is widely recognized as a generous philanthropist, but that resume did not shield him from liberal critics. Activist Laura Chapin slammed Fieri for “completely trashing his brand” and preached that his fan base “isn’t Trumpers, bruh.”

Fieri is not known for making political stands, but he recently appeared on “Fox and Friends” to discuss inflation’s effects on the restaurant business.

Jack White, former lead singer of White Stripes, ripped Fieri for extending his hand to the 2024 Republican presidential frontrunner. “Anybody who ‘normalizes’ or treats this disgusting fascist, racist, con man…with respect,” White ranted, “is ALSO disgusting in my book.”

White then made certain to disparage Joe Rogan, Mel Gibson and Mark Wahlberg for greeting Trump.

It is hardly news that the former president appeared at a UFC event. He has done this numerous times both in and out of the White House and been photographed with many celebrities.

A striking moment came after South African Dricus Du Plessis won a middleweight division fight Saturday night. The fighter jumped out of the cage to vigorously shake the hands of both Trump and UFC head Dana White.

Undoubtedly what is driving the left crazy is how Trump is greeted at such public events. He drew tens of thousands of supporters to rallies and was treated like a rock star in Las Vegas, in stark contrast to President Joe Biden.

A video went viral on Twitter in recent days showing the incumbent on a beach being completely ignored by those around him.

Just imagine the reception if Trump were to walk out on a public beach.

This is what the radicals do not understand or appreciate — the enthusiastic support that the 45th president enjoys from rank-and-file Americans. Biden may get polite applause from a Hollywood audience, but average folks know who is in their corner.

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