Latest Trump Indictment Another Attempt To Control 2024 Outcome

In recent developments surrounding President Donald Trump, the politics behind the latest indictment against him is becoming increasingly evident. On Tuesday, on “The Ingraham Angle,” Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) scrutinized the Georgia indictment, highlighting a potential larger strategy by Democrats to remain dominant in the political arena.

Fox Host Laura Ingraham mentioned Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis’s intent to pursue “higher bonds” and “mugshots” for Trump. In response, Hawley expressed his concerns about the motivation behind such measures. “What this tells me is that this is the latest effort to keep the ruling party in power. This is an effort by the ruling party, the Democrat Party, to ensure that anyone who criticizes them gets indicted,” he stated.

Hawley’s concerns aren’t just about Trump. He believes this pattern extends to Catholics, pro-life demonstrators and parents voicing concerns at school board meetings. In his view, the message being sent is clear: challenging the ruling party or its policies will have consequences.
He further emphasized the potential intent behind these actions.

“Democrats are attempting to rig an election in real time,” he said, suggesting a strategy to guarantee a Democratic win in the upcoming 2024 elections. He supported this by pointing out Trump’s challenges to the Washington consensus on international matters like Ukraine and domestic policies, stating, “Trump challenged all of that. And the message is, if you challenge them on this stuff, they will come after you.”

Adding weight to Hawley’s concerns, former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova voiced his stance on the latest indictment this week on Newsmax. DiGenova indicated that the indictment against Trump is politically motivated. Focusing on Willis, diGenova pointed out her background and remarked, “She has conducted herself unprofessionally.” His sentiments were echoed by Victoria Toensing, a former deputy assistant attorney general, who felt the indictment transformed innocent actions into criminal conduct.

DiGenova further highlighted a perceived pattern in the charges against Trump, suggesting a collective effort by Democratic prosecutors Willis, Jack Smith, and Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to disrupt Trump’s political career. He said, “It’s fairly obvious that their indictments… are designed to cripple him in the presidential process.”

When viewed through the lens provided by Hawley, diGenova and others, these recent events point to a larger narrative. There is a concerted effort to strategically sideline figures who challenge the reigning political establishment, especially as the 2024 elections approach.

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