Kari Lake Predicts Record-Breaking Iowa Performance From Trump

Although she is currently running a competitive race to represent Arizona in the U.S. Senate, Kari Lake is a native of Iowa and recently expressed her thoughts about Monday’s caucuses — specifically the impact that bitter cold temperatures and former President Donald Trump’s candidacy will have on the results.

Lake is a vocal supporter of Trump’s bid to secure a third-straight GOP presidential nomination and offered a prediction that, although bold, seemed to be bolstered by recent polling results.

“The greatest victory we’ve ever seen historically in Iowa since 1972 in the caucus when there’s been a crowded field, is a 12-point victory,” she said. “I think President Trump will surpass that.”

Despite Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ investment of time and campaign resources in the state, he has failed to gain significant traction in surveys, even falling into third place behind former United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley.

For her part, Haley is betting big on the upcoming primaries in New Hampshire and her home state of South Carolina, but speculation has begun to swirl that DeSantis could be pressured to suspend his candidacy if he falls short of expectations in Iowa.

Reports from the DeSantis camp indicate he will be skipping New Hampshire after leaving Iowa and heading straight to South Carolina.

Despite Trump’s strong position ahead of the caucus, Lake is urging his supporters to eschew complacency and brave the elements to ensure his victory.

“We can’t go out and act like it’s going to be a blowout and we don’t show up,” she advised. “So that’s one thing I worry about. We’ve got to get out there. Iowa, you’ve got to get out there and show up — assume it’s a one-point victory and get out there and show up.”

In a series of campaign stops across the state, Trump has similarly implored Iowans to show up on his behalf.

“Forget polls that show we’re 35 points up,” he said during a speech in Mason City earlier this month. “Pretend we’re one point down.”

Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird, who has also endorsed Trump, said: “I think his only danger is that people think he might not need their vote and that’s not true. The caucuses are all about the ground game. The only thing that matters is who shows up and votes on caucus night.”

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