Kamala Harris Receives Lowest VP Approval Rating In History

Vice President Kamala Harris responded to reports suggesting she is the worst-rated vice president in American history by pointing to polls that indicate she has “great” approval ratings.

During an ABC News interview, Vice President Kamala Harris addressed questions about her low approval ratings, as raised by ABC News reporter Linsey Davis.

Davis asked, “There are reports that say you have the lowest approval rating of any vice president. I’m curious, how much of a role, if any, that you feel race and gender play in that?”

Smiling, Harris answered, “Well, there are polls that also say I have great approval ratings. I think the point that has to be made is that there are attempts to create distractions away from the accomplishments of our administration.”

She continued, “We’ve created over 13 million jobs since we’ve been in office. Joe Biden and I have been responsible for 800,000 new manufacturing jobs in the United States, not to mention what we have done to restore America’s integrity on the international stage.”

In a recent NBC News polling, Harris obtained the lowest net-negative rating ever recorded for a vice president.

The poll indicated that only 32% of registered voters hold a favorable view of Harris, while 49% have a negative perception, including 39% with a “very negative view.”

This results in Harris receiving a net -17 rating, which marks the lowest in the poll’s history for any vice president.

Comparing Harris’ -17 net rating to the last four vice presidents during their tenures: Mike Pence had a -4 rating in Oct. 2019, Joe Biden received a +1 in Dec. 2010, Dick Cheney achieved a +23 in May 2003 and Al Gore had a +15 in March 1995.

The vice president’s abysmal numbers left many in awe.

OutKick founder Clay Travis remarked on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, “Kamala Harris is the least liked vice president in American history.”

Former senior Trump White House advisor Stephen Miller posted, “A remarkable achievement.”

And Republican consultant Matt Wolking said, “We did it, Joe!”
Radio host Lori Mills seemed to anticipate that Democrats are gearing up to launch the campaign for Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), as she expressed, “They are slowly rolling Newsolini into the position.”

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