Hunter Biden Financed Phone Service Coinciding With Chinese Business Ventures

An investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial history has brought to light that he financed an international phone service coinciding with his father’s term as vice president. This phone service, operational during deals with Chinese Energy CEFC, is now under scrutiny for potential corruption.

Records retrieved from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop reveal payments for a phone line during the period of 2015-2018, a period when his family was actively engaged in Chinese business ventures. An email trail shows that Hunter Biden was billed for a phone number ending in 3535, a number associated with his father, President Joe Biden.

In February 2018, an AT&T email addressed to “J BIDEN” alerted Hunter of excessive international data charges and threatened service interruption. Subsequently, Hunter informed a colleague in August 2018 that the number was his father’s.

Peter Schweizer, President of the Government Accountability Institute, disclosed to the House Oversight Committee the existence of this phone line not funded by government or personal means, but through Hunter Biden’s business. This raises questions about the nature of communication between Hunter Biden, his business associates, and Joe Biden, who was then vice president.

Schweizer stated that “We obtained that phone number, and we’ve shared it with individuals, and the Oversight Committee in Congress is going to subpoena those phone records.” He added, “And what’s important here is that’s not a government phone; this is not Joe Biden’s private phone that he’s paying for himself. It’s actually [Hunter] Biden’s business that paid for it.”

This information follows a prior disclosure by Rep. James Comer (R-KY), Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, concerning a transaction of $40,000. Allegedly, this sum was funneled from CEFC China Energy through multiple entities linked to Hunter Biden, before being handed to Joe Biden by his brother and sister-in-law as a “loan repayment.” The legitimacy of these transactions remains a focal point for congressional investigators.

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