Haley Says Trump Is ‘Playing Politics’ With Border Crisis

Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) is slamming former president Donald Trump for opposing the Senate immigration law pending approval. In her State of the Union interview with CNN anchor Dana Bash, the presidential candidate said her opponent is “playing politics.”

The bipartisan deal in question was announced by President Joe Biden in a speech last Friday. It aims to put a 5,000-per-day threshold on migrant crossings. Controversy over the bill arose after several Republicans said the president does not need a bill passed to close the border and should be using his executive power. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) even said it would only take a “flick of his [Biden’s] pen.”

Haley wants to see the border deal expedited. In her CNN interview, Bash asked Haley what her opinion was on Trump’s demand to reject the bill and readdress it in the upcoming election.

Haley responded, “I think nobody should be playing politics with the border. He shouldn’t be getting involved telling Republicans to wait until the election because we don’t want this to help Biden win. We can’t wait one more day. You have millions of people who have come to that board, they are not being vetted. America is acting like it’s September 10. It only takes one. This is not a time to play politics.”

Trump made his stance on immigration known when he gave a speech in Reno largely focused on his mission to set loose the “largest deportation operation in America.” He said that if he returns as president in 2025, he will strengthen the immigration plans he had established during his first presidential term. He pledged to finish the wall, track down illegal immigrants already residing in the country, and detain them until they are deported.

He also emphasized that he plans on bringing in reinforcement for the U.S. Border Patrol Agency. Reinforcements would include federal law enforcement and military soldiers brought back from overseas. He said, “We have to clean up our country. We have to get all of the criminals.” His Reno campaign slogan, “Safer with Trump” promises to protect the country after Biden put its safety in jeopardy with loose immigration policies.

In addition to pushing through the proposed immigration bill, Haley revealed her plans for the southern border during a “Fair-Side Chat” with Governor Kim Reynolds (R-IA). She said she wants to “defund sanctuary cities” and allocate money from the IRS budget to the U.S. Border Patrol. She wants the funds to be used to hire 25,000 more agents.

Haley also wants to continue enforcing the “Remain in Mexico” policy and replace catch and release with catch and deport. The policy was first implemented by Trump.

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