Gaetz: Washington Can Only Be Changed Through “Force”

Radical leftists are enraged by comments from Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) at the Iowa State Fair on Saturday. Standing near former President Donald Trump, the Republican expressed his displeasure with politicians opening the border and weaponizing federal law enforcement.

So far, so good. Then Gaetz told the crowd that he had a “great time at the fair. We love standing with you. But we know that only through force do we make any change in a corrupt town like Washington, D.C.”

He said that when the Biden administration comes for Trump, “know that they are coming for our movement, and they are coming for all of us.”

Gaetz predicted that the GOP and Trump would win in Iowa and “march to the nomination.” He added that the former president and his supporters will rescue the U.S.

Trump stood to the side and silently nodded. It must be noted that the former president and his legal team were warned by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan on Friday to not make “inflammatory statements” about his prosecution by the Biden administration.

Trump was indicted yet again earlier this month on charges related to his alleged attempts to overthrow the 2020 election. The Jan. 6 Capitol protest sparked the latest wave of indictments.

Perhaps Gaetz’s wording should have been different. A short clip of the “force” statement spread like wildfire across the internet, though he certainly did not mean through “violent” force.

Democrats, of course, are all in favor of using force when it’s Antifa insurgents or Black Lives Matter protesters attacking conservatives and burning down cities for leftist causes.

GOP leaders cannot be faulted for defending the party’s 2024 frontrunner against the unprecedented attack on his very freedom by this White House. The Biden administration and its leftist network is pulling out all stops to thwart the will of a large segment of the U.S. population.

And there are likely more charges to follow in coming days from Georgia. The Biden team appears highly uncertain that they are capable of following up 2020’s controversial election with another victory over Trump.

Still, discretion must be applied to the choice of words. “Force” was certain to create an impression that hordes of angry Republicans are ready to destroy the capitol to hoist their leader on their shoulders and install him into the White House.

Despite Biden’s best efforts, every sincere Republican knows this must be accomplished at the ballot box.

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