DeSantis Claimed Media Attacked Him More Than Trump

Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis made a startling claim on a recent podcast. He asserted that he is under attack by the “corporate press” more than any other person in the U.S.

That claim included former President Donald Trump, the current frontrunner for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination.

DeSantis declared, “I get attacked by the corporate press more than anybody running for office, more than Joe Biden and now more than Donald Trump.”

When was the last time the legacy media wrote a positive story about Trump’s accomplishments? Ever?

Speaking on “Stay Free with Russell Brand,” the Florida governor was asked by the host how he handles “the tension of being a representative of establishment forces while acknowledging that so many people no longer trust the media.”

DeSantis responded with his belief that the mainstream media knows he will defeat Biden while Trump would lose.

He added that even if the former president were to somehow win, he would be “distracted” and thus ineffective.

Many conservative eyebrows were raised by DeSantis’ claim of being the most persecuted man in America. One, commentator Sebastian Gorka, asked if someone would share links to when the Florida governor’s home “was raided by the FBI and his campaign illegally surveilled.”

Then there’s the little issue of indictments.

Democrats and their leftist media allies are throwing everything against the wall to ensure that Trump is convicted of something — anything — and will not be reelected as president. The 71 current and frivolous felony indictments are not even enough to appease the mob.

The former president in recent days revealed that Special Counsel Jack Smith is set to indict and arrest him over supposed Jan. 6 misdeeds.

Trump rightly called it a “witch hunt” and “election interference.” He also correctly noted that persecuting your top political opponent is standard operating procedure for third world dictators who wear gaudy military uniforms weighed down by self-awarded medals.

It is unbecoming of the most powerful nation on Earth.

At last check, DeSantis is not being indicted for anything. He may not be the most welcome figure at Disney theme parks this summer, but no one is attempting to make him spend the rest of his natural life behind bars.

There is no specter of yet more rogue district attorneys trying to make a name for themselves at his expense. And the FBI and DOJ are not clearly weaponized to guarantee that the will of the people is thwarted next year.

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