Brexit Leader Gives Trump Advice About Candidate To ‘Watch’ For VP Pick

During a Friday morning Sirius XM Patriot radio interview, Brexit Leader and longtime MAGA ally Nigel Farage gave former President Donald Trump a piece of advice about a potential running mate — stating “if I were Donald Trump, I would be watching” Vivek Ramaswamy “very, very closely.”

Ramaswamy, a previously unknown name in politics who has emerged as a firebrand in the Republican primary and is steadily rising in the polls, is a 37-year-old entrepreneur who graduated Harvard College with a bachelor’s in biology and later earned a J.D. from Yale Law School. He has become a rising star and may be the young blood that American conservativism needs, according to Farage.

Depending on his performance at the first Republican Primary debate in Milwaukee later this month, Farage believes that Ramaswamy could be a profitable vice-presidential pick for Trump, who is the clear frontrunner in the 2024 Republican primary.

During a conversation about debanking and the danger to freedom of expression posed by woke corporations, Farage told the Breitbart News Daily radio show that these were problems that Ramaswamy definitely focuses heavily on — especially because of his background in the corporate world.

“I’ve got to tell you, I am seriously impressed by this man. In his mid-30s, he has quite a warm personality — quite a good sense of humor. He’s been successful, he’s identified this sort of terrible cancer that’s running through our businesses where freedom of speech is directly under threat under the ESG, woke… Vivek gets all of it. So, I’m very impressed by him,” said Farage, who has personally spoken with Ramaswamy in the past.

However, the Brexit leader stopped short of explicitly endorsing Ramaswamy, as he stated that he wanted to see how the Republican candidate performed when put on the spot in a situation like the upcoming primary debate later this month.

Farage went on to argue that Ramaswamy may represent the future of the party, as the GOP has become a “bit dull” — citing elderly RINO Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has lost the support of many within the conservative base and recently faced calls for his resignation due to a bizarre health scare in which he froze for nearly 20 seconds during a press conference.

“I do think the argument that a lot of American Conservatism is really a bit dull, a bit dry — dear old Mitch McConnell stumbling and stopping the other day!” he said. “Vivek represents a kind of conservatism for the future — he believes in individual responsibility, he believes in freedom, he believes in entrepreneurship. He actually embodies many of the things that makes America the greatest country in the world.”

Depending on how Ramaswamy performs in the first primary debate, Farage concluded: “I have to think if I were Donald Trump, I would be watching this guy very, very closely.”

The remarks follow others by Farage this week, when he said it was possible Ramaswamy’s immigrant background and business background would give him a “good story to tell” to voters.

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