Breitbart News Editor-In-Chief Set To Release Second Book

Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief and New York Times bestselling author Alex Marlow is set to release a new book revealing the extent of the Biden family’s corruption.

Marlow’s book, according to Breitbart News, will also reveal the hidden agendas and corrupt business dealings of President Joe Biden and the president’s allies, including numerous billionaires and administration officials.

Several prominent figures such as Mark Levin, Tucker Carlson, and Sean Hannity, announced that Marlow would soon release his second book.

Marlow’s first book, “Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption,” was released in May 2021.

Now, Marlow is scheduled to release his second book entitled, “Breaking Biden: Exposing the Hidden Forces and Secret Money Machine Behind Joe Biden, His Family, and His Administration,” on Oct. 3, 2023.

“Even people who think they know everything there is to know about the Bidens are going to be blown away by this book,” a source familiar with the announcement told Breitbart News.

“The details unearthed are astonishing: from schemes to extract cash from government-connected entities all over the world to devastating policy failures, to repeatedly putting family finances above the American citizens Joe Biden supposedly serves, it’s all right there,” the source added.

“The establishment media and Big Tech are desperate to keep these facts hidden through the 2024 election,” the source continued.

Marlow told Breitbart News that he has been deeply “immersed” in researching the corruption of the Biden family, and those who have directly helped Joe Biden rise in the world of politics. The New York Times bestselling author said that as he dug deeper into his research of the Biden family, more corruption was discovered.

“For well over a year, I have been immersed in what may be the deepest research project ever conducted on Joe Biden, his family, and those who have aided and abetted his rise to power,” Marlow told Breitbart News.

“I have gone to painstaking efforts to keep this material under wraps until this point. In virtually every area of Joe Biden’s life, I found more corruption, deception, and personal enrichment than I had anticipated,” Marlow added. “I had been following the Bidens for fifteen years before I took on this investigation, and I was consistently stunned throughout the process.”

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