Advocating For Male In Female Sorority Gets Leftist Media Giant Blasted

The Washington Post wrote a 5,000-word defense for a biological male identifying as female to live with women at a sorority house at the University of Wyoming. It did not end well for the left-leaning outlet.

The biological male, Artemis Langford, has been accused of “peeping” at sorority sisters. Langford became the first “transgender” individual to be admitted into the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority in October 2022, as reported by the Blaze.

Langford was voted in by a majority of sorority members, who later revealed they were pressured into accepting him because they were afraid of being labeled as “homophobic” or “transphobic,” according to the Blaze.

The sorority, which used to be home to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY), famed designer Kate Spade, and former Massachusetts Gov. Jane Swift (R), is now home to a man.

In March 2023, after allegations that Langford wasn’t even trying to be a woman, which, of course, is impossible, several former and current members of Kappa Kappa Gamma filed a lawsuit against Langford.

The lawsuit cited complaints from sorority members that Langford, a tall and rather robust-looking male, made no effort to receive medical treatment to appear more “womanly.” Although Langford would often wear female clothing such as “a tunic and leggings with tall boots,” he never tried altering his bodily image to look more feminine.

The sorority sisters claimed Langford had been “peeping” on them in intimate situations, such as when they take a shower. On one such occasion, Langford was caught eyeballing a sorority member who was only wearing a towel as she walked into the communal bathroom to take a shower.

In April 2023, after reviewing Kappa Kappa Gamma’s lawsuit against Langford, a judge threw out the case citing the fact that the sorority doesn’t define what a “woman” is.

“With its inquiry beginning and ending there, the court will not define a ‘woman’ today,” U.S. District Court Judge Alan B. Johnson wrote, per the Blaze.

Despite the sick actions of Langford, the Washington Post came to his defense, making it seem like the “transgender” individual was the victim of the situation. Wrongfully, the outlet referred to the biological male as “her.”

The Washington Post claimed that Langford’s name was located on “neo-Nazi websites” and a forum for gun owners.

“Right-wing pundits portrayed her on national television as a predator — as a perverted man who faked his way into a sorority to leer at women,” the outlet said. “Death threats followed. Strangers began stalking her. Police assigned extra patrols to the sorority house.”

The Washington Post was later criticized for defending Langford.

On X, formerly known as Twitter, college professor Wilfred Reilly wrote, “Presenting a 300-pound male who joined a sorority, wandered around with an erection, and wanted to shower with the sisters as a ‘victimized trans woman’ is peak WaPo.”

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