Whitmer Maintains Silence On Pornographic Books In Michigan Schools

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) stood firm in her commitment to radical progressive education policy during her debate with Republican opponent Tudor Dixon. She refused to condemn the widely available, sexually explicit material being placed in the state’s public schools during the Tuesday showdown just two weeks ahead of Election Day.

About midway through the debate, both candidates were asked by a moderator how they would deal with complaints from parents about the lurid material now found in public school libraries. Dixon spoke directly against “pornography” and “sexual content” being available in schools above parents’ objections and hammered Whitmer for her silence on the controversy during her current term.

Dixon said that material that would result in arrest if a person read it to a child at a bus stop should not be in Michigan classrooms. She noted that the material being objected to was not textbook material focused on learning but describes to “children how to have sex, and parents are outraged about it across the state.”

Reporting has become more prevalent on the objectionable materials lately as parents in Dearborn began showing up in force at the local school board meetings in protest. Parents have pointed to sexually explicit materials being pushed on students in school libraries in the district.

One book in particular depicts young boys with a “rogue guide” about body parts that “FEEL NICE when you touch them.”

During Tuesday’s debate, Whitmer would only say that she “rejects the false choice” of removing the sexual content or keeping it in school libraries. She said that she knows parents have “rights to understand the curriculum” and to “opt our children out” but maintained that she believes public schools have a “duty to make sure that all children feel accepted and safe.”

The latest RealClearPolitics (RCP) polling average has Whitmer hanging on to a 3.1 percentage point lead over Dixon. However, with the adjustment for GOP underrepresentation in Michigan polling over the last three election cycles, RCP projects Dixon as the winner of the election on November 8.

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