What gun-free zones and defunded police are bringing to Brooklyn city schools…

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For years, leftist elites have been shuddering about right-wing deplorables and all their supposed gun-toting.

Here’s a gag-worthy 2018 Slate headline and tease:

Why Are Conservatives So Obsessed With Gun Rights Anyway?

Belief in gun rights hasn’t always been a conservative ideology. Psychology helps explain how it took off.

Turns out something very different is happening. Here’s what the New York Post is reporting:

Students at a Brooklyn high school campus awash in weapons said they are arming themselves due to growing safety concerns both in and out of the classroom.

Security agents at the Adams Street complex in downtown Brooklyn — which houses three schools and enrolls about 1,000 kids — have recovered 38 weapons from students over the past three days alone.

“I don’t feel safe,” said one female student before entering the building Friday.

A male student said self-defense has simply become part of life’s curriculum for many city kids.

“It’s just casual protection,” he said. When asked who he was fearful of, the teen said, “Ask the people with the knives.”

The kids are arming up because they know that from their own “lived experience,” they’re situated in the middle of a swirling crime hellhole. Gangs, muggers, robbers — they are all cited in the report, with kids not only feeling like targeted prey on school grounds, but going and coming to school, too:

“Those are for self-protection,” a 17-year-old senior said of the arms flow. “Some of it is gang related. But most of the time it’s for protection from people in general.”

Students said that kids are especially concerned about their sometimes perilous trips to and from school each day.

“We take the trains and some of us get out late,” he said. “We don’t live in safe areas.”

Parent Ali Shah said he fears for his 9th grade daughter’s safety and doesn’t allow her to trek to class by herself.

“I am scared for my child,” he said. “Every day I drop her off and pick her up.”

These aren’t right-wing gun crazies; they are helpless blue-city children trying to stay alive as best as they can in the urban crimescape that leftists have handed them.

Police have been defunded. School security budgets have been cut. “Gun-free zones” at schools have been dictated. Soros-financed district attorneys are no longer prosecuting criminals. Criminals are beginning to make big showy displays, such as broad-daylight smash-and-grab robberies and sickening subway attacks on innocent people minding their own business. It’s a leftist new normal, and children are responding to it by the most logical means necessary: by preparing to defend themselves, since they know they won’t be able to get a cop if they need one.

That’s some impact, lefties. Instead of the kumbaya society they envisioned by getting rid of the cops, now they have every kid his own cop. That’s what happens. But it sure as heck shouldn’t be this way.