Warren: SCOTUS ‘an Extremist’ Court Willing to ‘Take a Shot at Roe v. Wade’

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This week on MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) slammed the U.S. Supreme Court as an “extremist court” that was “out of step with the American people.”

Host Jonathan Capehart aired a clip of a Democratic Texas state representative lamenting that the Supreme Court was acting like abortion was “an issue that we need to vacillate over.”

Warren agreed and argued that “70% of Americans” want Roe v. Wade to “remain the law of the land.”

“Look, the court has signaled 40 different ways that it is an extremist court, out of step with the American people, and that it’s willing to line up and take a shot at Roe v. Wade,” Warren outlined. “Now, whether they’ll get rid of it entirely or just let the states continue to chip at it, come on. They’ve given us every possible signal. But for me, what that means is it’s time for Congress to step up.”

She continued, “The American people strongly support Roe v. Wade. About 70% of Americans say they want that to remain the law of the land. We don’t need the Supreme Court to do that. The United States Congress could do that. When 70% of the people support something, by golly, I think we ought to get out there and get it done.”