Virginia Military Institute Went Woke And Enrollment Plummeted

The Virginia Military Institute invited lesbian and fat rights activist Kimberly Dark to perform at their event celebrating the 25th anniversary of women on the campus of the nation’s oldest state military college.

It’s ironic that Dark, who also authors lesbian fanfic, was invited to speak at an American military institution considering her outspoken hatred of the stars and stripes. “Why couldn’t we see that America has been racist forever, sexist forever?” she ranted in a post titled, ‘For those who do not want a Trump presidency — this is what we will do now.’

The school’s choice of entertainment signals their undeniable shift to progressive leftwing values that Dark and those of her kind hold so dear.

For the same reasons as in the U.S. military, the number of VMI enrollees has been progressively dwindling for years.

A slideshow from a VMI diversity training presentation shed some light on why that is.

“How have you benefited from adherence to your gender role?” reads part of the lesson.

The training’s lesson plan was constructed with woke resources like a journal article titled, ‘How Military Service Members Reinforce Hegemonic Masculinity.’ It wasn’t long ago that VMI was a place where young men went to increase their masculinity and ultimately become warriors.

This hallmark institution, a place where Gen. Patton and Gen. Marshall once walked the halls, now strives to eliminate masculinity as we know it.

Another interesting tidbit about the “new” VMI is that they are no longer fans of White people.

VMI’s library archives boast anti-white literature like ‘The History of White People’ and ‘White Guys on Campus.’ These literary masterpieces delve into topics like the “habits of racism among White male undergraduates.”

VMI features other online resources like the notable race hustler Ibram X. Kendi’s ‘How to Be an Antiracist,’ along with ‘White Fragility’ by Robin DiAngelo.

VMI’s superintendent Cedric Wins established a “Unifying Action Plan” for the corps of cadets and claims it will “empower Cadets to gain strength through diversity, acceptance by inclusion.”
Enrollment for VMI’s latest class is down 25% from the previous year.

Wins was quick to blame the pandemic and falling birth rates for the enrollment freefall, but neither explains why the number of incoming freshmen plummeted from 496 in 2021 to 375 now.

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