Vaccinated CDC Director Catches COVID-19 Again

For the longest time, Americans were told taking COVID-19 vaccines would not only spare them from the virus, but also shut down the spread of the virus. This claim was later used to railroad people into taking COVID-19 vaccines with the threat of job loss for people who refused.

Americans who pushed back against this in any way were criticized beyond belief. The media, joined by Democrats and the healthcare establishment, argued that folks who did not take COVID-19 vaccines were science deniers, selfish, disease spreaders, and uncaring towards the elderly.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 vaccines did not live up to the hype. To this day, these shots do not prevent their recipients from catching the virus, experiencing virus symptoms, or even passing COVID-19 onto others.

Now, fully-vaccinated CDC director Rochelle Walensky has once again come down with COVID-19.

What to Know About Walensky’s Latest Run-in With COVID-19
The CDC director was confirmed as COVID-positive on Monday. This came from a statement by the CDC, which noted Walensky began to experience symptoms of the virus this past weekend, despite being not only vaccinated, but also taking Paxlovid merely weeks ago.

According to the CDC’s statement, Walensky will work virtually, self-quarantine at home, and take future tests.

This news mirrors yet another episode in October when Walensky tested positive for the virus, despite taking one vaccine after the next. During this time, the CDC director expressed her thankfulness to have these vaccines and said her symptoms were only “mild.”

In September, Walensky also put out a tweet commemorating her taking an “updated” COVID-19 vaccine.

Serious Explaining To Do
When it comes to folks who are vaccinated many times over, yet still catching COVID-19, Walensky is not an outlier. Joe Biden, former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, first lady Jill Biden, and many others took these vaccines, only to repeatedly test positive for COVID-19, experience symptoms, and later have to self-isolate.

Defenders of the COVID-19 vaccine often say it reduces one’s chances of dying from the virus. Yet, for most people — barring the elderly and individuals with pre-existing health conditions — their likelihood of dying from COVID-19 is less than 1%.

To this day, Democrats continue to justify COVID-19 vaccine mandates and their negative impacts on society, despite the lack of science to support these mandates.

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