UK Disciplines Contractors Caught Dealing Drugs To Illegal Migrants

The U.K. has disciplined a group of contractors who were hired to manage some of the increasing numbers of illegal aliens crossing into Britain for attempting to sell the migrants illegal drugs.

The U.K. Home Office deployed contractors to the Manston Migrant Centre in Kent, where they were reported for alleged illegal activity by fellow security guards and even some of the migrants. The reports indicated that contractors were both attempting to sell marijuana to migrants being housed at the camp and smoking the drug on-site themselves.

A Home Office spokesperson said the agency expects “the highest standards of professionalism” from contractors brought on-site at the camp. The statement also said the persons involved in the report of illegal activity have been “swiftly removed from the site” and the office will take “robust action” against offenders.

The official statement added that the government takes the “safety and welfare of detained persons in its care extremely seriously.” The Home Office praised the whistleblowers who used procedures to “safely and securely report any concerns, including concerns of misconduct and inappropriate behaviors.”

No reports have yet indicated if the contractors involved in the scandal have been fired or will face criminal charges.

The camp where the allegations arose has been part of other controversies in recent weeks. The surging number of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel to enter the U.K. has led to the camp being filled beyond capacity. The camp was designed to house around 1,600 migrants for 24-hour periods. However, it has recently seen as many as 4,000 migrants at once who have been held for multiple days.

As reports of overcrowding have become more publicized, there have also been indications that unsanitary conditions at the camp have caused outbreaks of MRSA, diphtheria, and scabies. The process of depopulating the camp has become chaotic, with at least two busloads of illegal migrants reportedly being left on the streets of London with no accommodations or supervision.

While the poor conditions at the camp are making news, many illegal migrants are still being housed in five-star hotels around Britain. As recently as Saturday, British media reported that illegal migrants from Albania are being housed at the Victorian-era luxury hotel Stoke Rochford Hall in Lincolnshire.

U.K. officials have reported that it estimates that around 2% of the “entire adult male population” aged 20 through 40 from Albania has entered Britain since the beginning of 2022. One report last week found that criminal networks operating in Albania are recruiting migrants to sell drugs in migrant camps in France and Britain.

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