Tucker Carlson Talks Epstein After Being Denied 911 Calls From Prison

Fox News host Tucker Carlson discussed the suspicious circumstances surrounding the death of disgraced child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein on Wednesday, mentioning that his team requested for the New York Police Department to provide a recording of the 911 calls made from the prison where he was both detained and died, only to be told they all have been wiped.

“It’s approaching four years since Jeffrey Epstein died in detention in New York City. It’s very obvious he was killed. The more you look at the details, and we have, the more clear it is that somebody got inside the most secure federal lock-up in our most populated city and murdered Jeffrey Epstein. But who?” Carlson pondered.

He continued, noting that the Department of Justice has supposedly been pursuing an investigation for nearly four years.

“So, periodically we reach out to the DOJ and ask, ‘How’s the Epstein investigation going?’” Carlson stated, before bursting into laughter.

There are many suspicious circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death. Former Attorney General Bill Barr’s memoir, for instance, discussed his first reaction upon learning of Epstein’s death in prison. According to Carlson, Barr responded by quickly telling his chief of staff, “No one’s gonna believe it was a suicide. There’ll be conspiracy theories all over the place.”

To make matters even more curious, convicted trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell said she was “shocked” by Epstein’s death and that she believes he was murdered.

Carlson discussed the efforts of his team to reach the NYPD in hopes of learning more about what could have happened the day Epstein passed away.

“We also thought it would be worth reaching out to the NYPD and wanted to know what was said in any 911 calls from the federal lock-up in New York on the day that Epstein was found dead. NYPD has just turned over one of those calls to us and it reveals the truth. Here it is,” he said before playing a repeating sound of a busy phone signal.

“Oh, just kidding! We can’t play that 911 call for you because it’s been deleted. Really! Just like the videotape. Why? Because we’re quote, ‘Well past the 12-month retention period,’” Carlson explained, sounding very unsurprised.

“So, it looks like the NYPD deleted the recordings of 911 calls from the jail. So, we thought, well, how about the FBI? We called over to the FBI to say, ‘Do you have any 911 recordings from the jail, from the federal lock-up?’ And we got no response.”

“No one seems interested anymore, but we’re interested,” the primetime show host concluded.

Recent revelations about the case have resulted in JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon receiving scrutiny over his bank’s relationship with Epstein; court papers have reportedly accused the company of keeping the disgraced human trafficker as a client for years after he was known to have solicited underage girls.

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