Tucker Carlson: Response Would Be Different If DC Faced Train Derailment

Fox News host Tucker Carlson argued on his primetime show Tuesday that the U.S. government’s reaction to the derailment of a train carrying life-threatening chemicals would have been different had it occurred in Washington, D.C., rather than the “politically conservative” East Palestine, Ohio.

“East Palestine, Ohio is not a huge place. It’s a town of about 5,000 people not far from Pittsburgh. For many years, East Palestine was known as the place that produced dishes and cups and pitchers for America’s hotels,” said Carlson. “An enormous ceramics works there employed much of the town. It’s all gone now and predictably, East Palestine is much poorer for it, the median income is less than $45,000. East Palestine is overwhelmingly white and politically conservative. More than 70% of the voters in the surrounding counties supported Donald Trump in the last election. That shouldn’t be relevant but as you’re about to hear, it very much is.”

A train that derailed in East Palestine, Ohio on Feb. 3 caused a massive toxic chemical spill that has reportedly killed local wildlife and even pets.

Authorities reacting to the situation issued evacuation orders for nearby areas and launched a controlled burn of the wreckage on Feb 6. Some residents have complained of coming down sick after the event.

“This train derailment was an environmental disaster. Not an environmental disaster like climate change is, but an actual environmental disaster, one that’s hurting actual people. Then it got worse. Several days after the derailment, officials decided it was a good idea to set fire to the spilled chemicals,” Carlson said, before tearing into Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

“Pete Buttigieg announced something called ‘Transit Equity Day’ that’s yet another day that we celebrate race-based federal funding that despite the train derailment does not apply to East Palestine because the people that live there are the wrong color,” Carlson began in his monologue against Buttigieg. “So, instead Buttigieg’s DOT announced an $80 million project to improve the roads in Philadelphia and $24 million for the roads in Detroit, both of which vote Democrat, and then Mayor Pete talked about perhaps the most pressing problem in the country, which is that we have too many white construction workers.”

Buttigieg’s remarks about how he thinks there are too many construction workers who are white rather than sporting a darker skin tone came Monday during a panel appearance at the National Association of Counties Conference.

The transportation secretary neglected to comment on the harrowing incident in East Palestine until later that same day.

Carlson continued, charging that if a similar derailment took place in Washington, D.C., “the National Guard would be called in, there’d be no mushroom cloud of toxic chemicals on the horizon, we can promise you that.”

He added, “of course, in both cases had this affected the rich or the favored poor, it would be the lead of every news channel in the world.”

Carlson concluded, “But it happened to the poor benighted town of East Palestine, Ohio, whose people are forgotten and in the view of the people that lead this country, forgettable, so no big deal.”

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