Trump: Bragg Guilty Of Prosecutorial Misconduct

At last weekend’s campaign rally in Waco, Texas, President Donald Trump criticized Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s potential indictment against him, describing it as “prosecutorial misconduct” by “radical left maniacs.” Trump supporters, holding signs with phrases like “witch hunt,” cheered him on as he derided the investigation for focusing on a matter he claims involves no impropriety.

Trump implied that Bragg’s investigation was prejudicial, suggesting he recruited Matthew Colangelo from the Department of Justice to target him specifically. He said this move attempted to “get rid of Trump” because his poll numbers have been soaring. The 45th President also referred to previous unsuccessful attempts to discredit him, such as the two impeachment trials and the Mueller investigation, as “phony deals” and hoaxes.

Echoing Trump’s sentiments, Los Angeles civil rights attorney Leo Terrell has called for the New York State Bar to scrutinize Bragg’s investigation and potential indictment of Trump. Terrell believes Bragg should at least face an ethics violation charge. He claimed the motivation behind the case was to keep Trump’s name off the ballot and target him politically. He also described Bragg’s case against Trump as “the weakest ever even attempted,” with the investigation’s motives rooted in Bragg’s connections to financier George Soros and the Democratic Party.

Terrell argued that if Trump is “such an unpopular figure,” Democrats like Bragg should not be afraid of him making the presidential ballot, as he would supposedly be easily defeated. Instead, he sees Trump as someone “taking the slings and arrows for you and me.” Terrell’s stance is that if the Democratic Party can treat Trump in this manner, it implies they have “weaponized” the justice system beyond the federal level, as some critics suspect.

Terrell further criticized Bragg, accusing him of allowing New York City to be plagued by crime while downplaying felonies and focusing on targeting Trump. He alleged that Democratic district attorneys like Bragg have weaponized their offices to go easy on criminals while pursuing those who champion values such as “God, country, liberty, and freedom.” In his view, Bragg is a “total embarrassment to the law profession,” a sentiment shared by other Trump defenders who believe the Manhattan District Attorney has tarnished his office’s reputation.

The potential indictment of President Trump has drawn sharp criticism from both Trump himself and his supporters, who argue that the investigation is politically motivated and represents an abuse of power by District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

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