The Justice Department Continues Playing Games With Trump Probe

Last month, the FBI raided the Florida estate of former President Trump. In doing this, the agency claimed it was after classified documents that Trump supposedly stole after leaving the White House.

Meanwhile, the Department of Justice remains tight-lipped about the evidence involved in the case and the warrant that entitled FBI officials to ransack Trump’s home.

Weeks ago, a version of the warrant was released to the public. However, it was so reacted that the Justice Department might as well not have released it.

Now, as Trump pushes for a special master to investigate documents seized by the FBI, the Justice Department is once again playing games.

A Partisan Hit Job
If the Department of Justice gets its way, then a left-winger will be the special master to review the documents in question. Naturally, this works against the objective of fairness that’s supposed to come from a special master’s review.

The Justice Department is very well aware of this. Although just last week, it urged the court to have Democratic donor Barbara Jones be the special master who reviews the documents seized by the FBI.

This move by the Department of Justice comes after the agency initially appealed a previous ruling that approved Trump’s request for a special master in the first place.

Since this appeal doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, the Justice Department is now trying to turn things around in a different way.

After the FBI raid, conservatives everywhere were on high alert. However, the Justice Department’s fight against having a special master, and its work to ensure that any potential special master is a Democrat, is only sending up more red flags.

More Doubling Down From the Deep State
In spite of federal officials raiding Trump’s home on a whim, refusing to properly release the warrant for this raid, and fighting against having an impartial special master review the confiscated documents, the deep state isn’t backing down.

The feds have even gone as far as saying the judge who approved Trump’s request for a special master is potentially endangering national security. Though at the end of the day, most Americans can look at this situation and see it for what it is.

As the Justice Department continues its vendetta against Trump, others in the former president’s orbit, such as Steve Bannon, are being targeted as well.

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