Teachers Refusing To Teach After Grabbing Billions In Federal Funds

Teachers in districts across the nation are walking picket lines instead of teaching students in desperate need. These union walkouts come after tens of billions were pledged by the federal government to rectify the exact issues that educators claim to be striking over.

Hundreds of thousands of students, from Ohio to Seattle to Philadelphia, are now prevented from returning to the classrooms. In many instances, the settings were to be “normal” for the first time since the start of the pandemic in 2020.

But now that’s not to be.

Teachers unions claim the walkouts are over wages, smaller class sizes, and building conditions, among other issues. But the truth is that the COVID-19 American Rescue Plan provided $122 billion to address building issues such as improving air quality and ventilation.

That apparently is not enough for the unions.

PBS reported in June that the average school building in the U.S. is about 50 years old, and many are past the century mark.

Still, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that most schools avoided “major” investments despite the funds received. Many opened windows and moved activities outdoors.

In fact, less than 40% of public schools applied funds to upgrading HVAC systems that were either old or did not exist.

In Columbus, Ohio, where teacher complaints about ventilation systems are delaying school for around 50,000 students, several schools are scheduled to have the HVAC projects completed by the end of the month.

Three did not have renovation scheduled this term, but two were set for upgrades next summer. However, the union flatly rejected this as “unacceptable” and fell back on “vague promises” of years past as an excuse to walk off the job.

When contacted, the Department of Education said it is certain that school districts are spending the allocated funds appropriately and then referenced climate change as causing some of the negative impact on air quality.

Teachers and students alike need to be in the classroom for the new school year, and tens of billions in funding is committed to ensure air quality is up to standard. Unions sending their teachers out on picket lines are doing nothing but hurting the very kids they are pledged to support.

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