Speaker McCarthy Corrects AP Reporter Over Biden Impeachment Inquiry

On Thursday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy corrected AP reporter Farnoush Amiri regarding Amiri’s statement of there being “no evidence” for the Biden Impeachment inquiry. Amiri finally admitted there was evidence available.

During a press briefing on Thursday, Amiri was corrected by McCarthy regarding a recent report published by the AP reporter. The report by Amiri suggested that the impeachment inquiry on President Joe Biden was started without any evidence against the President.

McCarthy took the time to list the various pieces of evidence used to open the impeachment investigation against Biden. When Amiri heard the evidence list, she confirmed that the evidence was in the testimony.

This confirmation showed that Amiri did know there was evidence to back the impeachment inquiry regardless of her “no evidence” statement.

Her confirmation of the information listed in the testimony led to a conversation between McCarthy and Amiri that became heated. A portion of the conversation showed that Amiri did, in fact, have knowledge of the evidence she claimed was not there.

McCarthy asked Amiri, “Do you believe Hunter Biden, when you saw the video of him driving a Porsche, that he got $143,000 to buy that Porsche the next day. Do you believe that 3 million from the Russian oligarch that was transferred to the Shell companies that the Biden’s controlled after the dinner from cafe Milano took place?”

Amiri said, “That’s what the testimony said.”

McCarthy: “Okay. Then I go back to do you think the president lied?”

Amiri: “But is that an impeachable, is lying an impeachable offense?”

McCarthy: “I’m not saying impeachment. All I’m saying is, I would like to know answers to these questions, the American public ought to know. And that’s what the impeachment inquiry provides.”

The corrections McCarthy made to Amiri show not only that evidence is there, but that she knew about the evidence. The corrections and conversation also show that Amiri was attempting to gaslight the members of the press briefing into believing the impeachment is a tactic without merit.

Unfortunately, the only outcome of Amiri’s disingenuous assertions is proof that there is an attempt to divert attention away from Biden’s impeachment inquiry as much as possible.

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