Source Of White House Cocaine Still ‘Unknown’

Despite being found in one of the most secure buildings in the world, officials now claim that the source of the cocaine discovered in the White House may never be known.

The white powdery substance found in the president’s residence on Sunday was confirmed to be cocaine by the Secret Service on Wednesday, according to ABC News.

However, a White House source told left-wing outlet Politico that “it’s gonna be very difficult for us” to determine who the illegal narcotics belonged to due to where they were discovered.

There are conflicting reports on the exact location of the find. The first said the cocaine was found in the White House library on the historic building’s ground floor.

That changed when the Secret Service claimed it was located in a “work area of the West Wing.” Since then, the narrative shifted to the drug being discovered in a locker area frequented by staff members and guests and utilized for storage during security screenings.

President Joe Biden was not home when the cocaine was found. He left Washington for Camp David on Friday and did not return until Tuesday.

Politico’s journalism drew widespread condemnation for accepting at face value the claim that the source of drugs in the highly-surveilled building filled with Secret Service personnel could not be determined.

Fox News’ Lisa Boothe tweeted that she could “come up with at least one culprit,” as there is a known drug user — at least previously — occupying the White House.

Kurt Schlichter, an attorney and columnist, observed that this uncrackable mystery is “in the most secure surveilled building in America.”

Former Trump administration official Monica Crowley weighed in by noting that “it’s a giant mystery that has the nation’s most sophisticated investigatory minds perplexed.”

David Burge, a widely followed Twitter commentator, posted that “apparently the clever cocaine dropper was able to elude the 24/7 saturation security cameras like a ninja cat burglar parkouring through a diamond museum’s laser beams.”

It is not so surprising that the trail went cold this fast considering that official Washington still does not know who leaked the Supreme Court draft opinion before Roe v. Wade was overturned last year. Perhaps one day the nation’s top sleuths will think of a likely suspect.

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